Tuesday, 26 May 2009

metropolitan police cat

It became apparent that a friend's friend of a friend owned a wireless helmet cam which he used to rig up to his cat and sit in front of a monitor, expecting to see into the nightlife of ....his cat. Nothing really happened though as the cat just sat there and licked its backside. In response to this we thought of a cat who fought crime on the streets by using this exact same helmet cam. Rigged up with a helmet cam, a siren and bullet-proof vest, the cat would then be dropped off at a potential crime hot spot. When the suspects were caught on film by the unaware cat then the siren would go off on its head alerting these thugs that they're going to be in for a real hard time. The cat would then probably be turned into a hacky sack by the thugs, which would most definitely kill it.... that's why we then decided it would be a rubbish idea.

Monday, 25 May 2009

badgers of the galaxy

it became clear that earlier last night the topic of conversation edged towards a slightly more twisted fate. someone said something along the lines of "hitting a badger in the galaxy" I couldn't help but imagine the 2 together and decided that this blog should now be called 'badgers of the galaxy'